Directional Crossing Engineering

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Flowtex provides the engineering required for Directional Drilling:

  • Surface field survey
  • Subsurface survey including obstructions and geotechnical conditions
  • Equipment selection
  • Tool selections
  • Tracking and surveying method and equipment selection
  • Pipe verification
  • Pipe material, corrosion coating and  pull loads and stresses
  • Stress calculations
  • Installation load calculations
  • Definition of the drilled path design including:
    • Penetration angles
    • Design radius of curvature
    • Points of curvature and tangency
    • Depth of penetration
  • Fluid program design
  • Drilling project method statement.
  • Stress calculations statement
  • Operational procedures
  • Quality, security and environmental protection statements
  • Site designs
  • Plan drawings  and profile for the drilling project  including:
    • Drill path design and site sketches
    • Geotechnical profil
    • Photos and illustrations
    • Survey of ground elevations and coordinates
    • Identification of interferences
  • As built drawings resulting from the completion of each crossing with pipeline and weld traceability



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